In our previous episode, Mark Morgan Lloyd said:
> > What a sad day it is. It seems that one day the whole Internet will beowned 
> > and run my four companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.I guess 
> > I'll be doing what the Free Pascal project has done all along...Host my own 
> > repositories and bug tracker. Less sh*t and in full controlor my work.
> > I've had plans to move many of my projects off SourceForge to GitHubbecause 
> > of SourceForge's performance problems and frequent outages. Nowthat plan 
> > will NOT happen and I'll most likely start hosting my ownpublic 
> > repositories instead.
> Another problem with Sourceforge is the fact that they enthusiastically 
> block access to any country that's currently on the US government's 
> *hitlist. I don't know what Github's policy was on that but it's pretty 
> sure what MS's will be... which is absolutely correct in the context of 
> an American corporation, but not in the context of non-American users or 
> paying customers.

Actually Microsoft is quite a large cloud provider, and can afford to
partition its offerings and isn't as dependent on a single point (or
continent) hosting as others.

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