As often is the case, Fred came through with a thorough, understandable 
explanation and the process for fixing my problem. Thanks, Fred-and others who 
responded on- and off-list.


From: Fred Ridder []
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 4:31 PM
To: Beverly Robinson;
Subject: RE: Character Tag "As Is" setting--isn't

You've identified one of the long-standing inconsistencies in the FrameMaker 
UI.  In the Size box of the Character Designer dialog, the "as is" state is 
indicated by emptiness. Same with Spread and Stretch. All three of these 
properties allow a continuous range of values rather than being picked from a 
finite list, and I suspect that this fact complicated the ability to explicitly 
indicate "As Is" in the box for some reason.

If you have already applied the Hyperlink tag to anything when it had a 
specified size of 11 pt, that size is now a property of the text. It will not 
change when you redefine the character format of the tag to be "as is" because 
the "as is" size is 11 pt. If the character tag is applied within the 
cross-reference format, I believe you'll need to reinsert the cross-reference 
to get the oversize characters to revert to the underlying paragraph 
specification for your table footnote.

-Fred Ridder
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 16:05:22 -0600
Subject: Character Tag "As Is" setting--isn't
FrameMaker on Windows 7 64-bit

My template has a  character tag, Hyperlink, that makes text blue. The Size 
setting had been at 11 pt, the size for Body paragraphs. Recently I needed to 
use the tag in a cross-reference in a table footnote. Table footnotes are 9 pt. 
So I changed the Size setting to As Is but:
*         After clicking As Is, the Size control doesn't say "As Is"-it's blank.
*         Hyperlink text in table footnotes is larger than 9 pt.

FrameMaker help says nothing about this anomaly and I didn't see anything 
similar in the first 5 pages on the FrameMaker user forum.

Has anyone else run into this? Found a solution?

Thanks for your help,

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