I agree with your assessment of AutoIT and add my endorsement. However, it
works in kind of a "playback mode" where the interface steps get executed on
the active document. This is good for one-off tasks where you want to mimic
what happens in the interface. With ExtendScript/FrameScript, you work with
commands that can not only work on the active document, but on invisible
documents that the script opens, saves, and closes for you. This is
advantageous if you have a task to perform on all of the document sin a
book. I would consider AutoIT and FrameMaker scripting programs to be




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.

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And the free editor that comes with it provides autocompletion and
context-sensitive help.

Shmuel Wolfson

On 26-Nov-13 4:27 PM, Jim Owens wrote:

AutoIT is a powerful scripting language, and it comes with good
documentation. It's intended to act as a surrogate for a human, by detecting
screen or window activity and sending mouse or keyboard responses, but it's
also very good for general-purpose programming. 

It includes the ability to compile your AU3 program to EXE, so that you
don't have to start up the scripting environment to run the script.

On 2013-11-26 08:10, Shmuel Wolfson wrote:

Attached is an AutoIt script for this. AutoIt is a free scripting language
for Windows. It's very easy to write AutoIt scripts for easy things like
typing shortcut keys. You have to download and install AutoIt in order to
run this. 

Below is the script as well, but it has to be in a text file with a .AU3
extension in order to run it. You can see how simple it is. And I added a
lot of comments to make it easier to understand. If you need more info, let
me know.

Maybe one day I will get into ExtendScript, but AutoIt is so much easier and
more pleasant to use that it's worth considering.  

Shmuel Wolfson 
Technical Writer

; this script converts tables to text
; find the desired table once, before running the script

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) ; this sets the title match to be anywhere in
the window title 

Dim $max
Dim $x = 1

$max = InputBox("","How many tables?","10")
WinActivate(".fm") ; this activates the window that has .fm in the title bar
(which may be hidden) 
While $x <= $max
    Send("^+f") ; presses CTRL+SHIFT+f to find next 
    Sleep(100) ; pause 100 milliseconds - you may need to increase this time
if you have a slow computer
    Send("!tvc") ; presses ALT+t,v,c to convert the table to text 
    Sleep(100) ; pause 100 milliseconds - you may need to increase this time
if you have a slow computer
    $x = $x + 1


On 26-Nov-13 12:35 PM, Yves Barbion wrote:

Hi group

I'm looking for a script which does the following:

1. Find tables with a specific table tag, for example "graphic_table".

2. Convert those tables to paragraphs (row by row).


Thanks in advance

Yves Barbion




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