I'm sounding this out here just in case anyone's ever seen anything similar.

FrameMaker 7, Mac, mouse under control of USB Overdrive.

I have long - years - had FrameMaker set up such that the mouse wheel scrolls 
forward/back a page at a time, without problems. The control codes for this in 
FrameMaker 7 for Mac are command-[ and command-]. The benefit of using these 
control codes rather than 'page up' and 'page down' is that they also work in 
dialogs, such as the Paragraph Designer.

The problem I'm seeing may be a USB OVerdrive issue and therefore outside the 
remit of this group, but what's happening is that, only *very* occasionally, 
for a scroll page down, I get the current contents of the paste buffer followed 
by the ']' inserted into the text. Which is of course highly undesirable, 
especially if you don't notice it.

This only happens very occasionally, so I can't pin down the exact 


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