At 21:15 -0600 26/12/13, <> wrote:

>Did you examine the Logitech software for the mouse? Or is it not installed?

Not installed: I use USB Overdrive for all mouse control. I have been using it 
for years and it's never given me any problems.

> If you are using only USB Overdrive, then perhaps the usual suspect is to be 
> blamed. Delete the preferences file for USB Overdrive and reset the 
> preferences.

I will try this, thanks. However, if there was something amiss there, I'd 
expect the mouse to misbehave all the time, instead of just very, very rarely. 
It looks like some bizarre interaction with FrameMaker. But as I'm using a 
very, very old version, I doubt if I'm going to fox out what's going on unless 
I get an 'Aha!' moment.

One fact, though: the problem is application-specific, to FrameMaker.


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