At 10:14 -0800 20/12/13, Syed Zaeem Hosain ( wrote:

>I am not particularly familiar with the Mac, so these would be real SWAGs:
>1. Is it a wireless mouse?

No, it's a Logitech wired mouse, standard issue, nothing fancy.

>And, if so, have you tried changing its batteries? I have seen occasional 
>misbehavior with my wireless mouse when the batteries are low.

I agree, which is one reason why I prefer mouses with tails ;-)

>2. Does the middle scroll wheel also have a push-button click capability (like 
>mine does)? Or a "sideways" tilt click?


> And, if so, is the /software driver set to do an insert when you "click" the 
> center button?

No, I disabled this on purpose, in case of accidental use.

> An accidental click (sometimes very soft and undetectable with some mice - or 
> old ones) when scrolling is possible.

I agree, and your point about mouse wheel sideways click is of interest, as 
this is in fact the first mouse I've had that has that feature (causing 
unbounded joy in Excel). I checked, though, and 'wheel left' and 'wheel right' 
in USBOverdrive are mapped to scroll left and scroll right, universally, so I 
doubt if it's that.

I guess this is either a system bug or a very obscure one in FrameMaker 7 for 
Mac. Either way, I don't think I'm going to resolve it. It's especially 
embarrassing, as a client spotted some gibberish in a draft caused by this 
problem. It would have been picked up by later processes such as proofing, but 
it still caused a bit of a red face. As it only happens (when it does) when 
paging forward, it's all too easy to miss the accidental insertion of rubbish 
into the document. At least I can search for ']'s later and fish them out - it 
always inserts the ']'


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