At 08:03 -0500 20/1/14, Fred Ridder wrote:

>But in the current XML-based Word file format (.docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm 
>extensions used in Word 2007 and later) does not use the same "embed 
>formatting in the pilcrow" technique. Instead, the single file you see is 
>actually a zip archive that contains dozens of separate XML objects that 
>contain all the formatting info and other metadata along with other XML 
>objects for graphics and the text of the file. There is absolutely no evidence 
>that Maggying has any beneficial effect on Word documents that use the Office 
>XML format. It won't *hurt* anything to do it, but it won't fix anything, 

Thanks for that clarification, Fred - you are of course absolutely right. As I 
still work in Word 2004, I still maggy stuff.

[I've not heard anything that leads me to believe that more recent versions of 
Word offer any substantive improvements, but my views are based on the Mac 
versions, which have always been the poor cousins of the Windows versions.)


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