Couldn't the text inset files be included as parts of a book (either a dummy 
book, or files that would be excluded from the final book)? Then such updates 
become searchable as part of that book.


Subject: RE: search with RegExp RE: Now OT, I suppose. RE: Adobe pricing 
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 20:28:44 +0000

I will verify the correct answer for you and post it here soon. Sorry that your 
Q didn’t get answered. We had well over 100 Qs between chat and the Q/A pod,
 so we answered as many as we can.
I believe the answer is “no” due to technical limitations of insets, but I will 
verify that.
FYI – if/when you upgrade to XML, you can use XPath in FrameMaker 11/12, which 
will search through all XML files in a folder, including sub folders.

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Subject: Re: search with RegExp RE: Now OT, I suppose. RE: Adobe pricing 

My question was ignored many times during the webinar. Do the search 
enhancements include finding matches in included files? Currently, the only way 
I can search for strings in my books that single-source included files is to 
generate a
 PDF and search in it.


On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 9:38 AM, Craig Ede <> wrote:

I'm especially excited about the search with regular expressions. If that helps 
me easily modify the markers I'm inserting using Shlomo Peret's Form Assist, 
that will be a huge TimeSaver for me (pun intended).

Max, maybe you can schedule a webinar by Shlomo highlighting this use of that 



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