By "included files" do you mean text insets?

If so .. I don't believe that a search will find anything in an inset (certainly would be nice). Once way you can do that is to create a special book that you use for authoring, which is different than the one you use to create PDFs from. Add your insets to this "authoring" book, then you can do a search across the book, and it'll find content in the insets.

Hmm .. it would be fairly simple to create an ExtendScript that temporarily "unlocked" all insets in a document. You could do the unlock, search, then lock it once you've located the inset. You'd want to be careful, but it should work.



On 1/29/14 8:55 AM, Mike wrote:
My question was ignored many times during the webinar. Do the search enhancements include finding matches in included files? Currently, the only way I can search for strings in my books that single-source included files is to generate a PDF and search in it.


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