Softline is pleased to announce FrameMaker to MathML support for all of its conversion services. This support can be used in one of two ways:

   * The support is integrated into all of Softline's conversions from
     FrameMaker to XML (i.e. DITA DocBook) and HTML.
   * Softline can also perform a standalone conversion where just
     equations (text is ignored) are converted to a separate MathML
     file.  This can be useful if you want to load your FrameMaker
     equations into a tool like MathCad.

Users have a number of processing options including:

   * The resulting MathML can be in either Content or Presentation format.
   * The MathML can be embedded in converted documents or placed in
     separate files and just referenced from the converted documents.

There is no extra charge for MathML conversions. Contact for more information or call 510 849 9817


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