The tighter your budget, the worse the effects of false economies.

People who are used to getting great development tools such as Eclipse
and Git for free commonly make the false assumption that there are
similar free tools for documentation. It's part of the tech writer's
role at a small startup to educate management about this.

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 10:07 AM, Craig, Alison
<> wrote:
> "To evaluate what's cheap, you need to look at total cost of ownership..." In 
> a perfect world, that's true, but the original post began "I work for a small 
> startup..."
> My experience in the "small startup" world is that you need to deal with the 
> attitude that the person the company already pays is cheaper than any tool 
> you have to go out and buy with *additional* money. This is, of course, a 
> false economy. But employees don't control the purse strings so they have to 
> work within the employer's reality.

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