A screen capture of a RGB representation of a CMYK image in a
professional graphics program isn't a very common requirement.

What does the screen capture from Illustrator look like if you simply
paste it into Windows Paint?

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 12:11 PM, Heiko Haida <i...@heiko-haida.de> wrote:
> Hi Jacob,
> my point here is:
> The CMYK option in FM is not something like a fancy gadget (that is how I 
> understood what Craig said earlier), but essential for a correct colour 
> representation in certain constellations.
> Here is an example, I enclose a screenshot: 2 rectangular objects are 
> visible, with colours defined as CMYK = 100/70/0/0 and 100/0/20/20.
> To the left, that is the (correct) representation in Illustrator. To the 
> right, thats what it looks like in FrameMaker (obviously not "correct"). In 
> the middle that is the PDF output with the CMYK option not activated (which 
> is the standard - and only possible - behaviour of all older FM version up to 
> FM 10).
> With the CMYK option activated on the other hand, the PDF output would in 
> fact look exactly like in Illustrator.
> And if this PDF is converted afterwards to RGB via Acrobat preflight, the 
> colours would still be perfect on screen.
> If you know a better or easier way or working settings for FM or Acrobat, 
> please tell me.

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