The PDF has to be posted as a shared review on a cloud web storage site.
There's a size limit to what you can upload. My company is using corporate
GMAIL and I have a 30Gb limit on storage, and for now I have to attach a
shared review enabled PDF to an email to allow reviewers to join the
review*. Admittedly, this one file isn't going to break either of those
limits, but it's not something I can keep doing for a long period of time.
Plus the sudden increase in size worries me. If there's a problem with the
files, I need to find it before things get hosed (and yes, I did run all
the files through a MIF wash).

*I will be testing setting up a shared review by storing the shared review
PDF on the cloud drive and sending a link instead, but until I do, I know
this works.

On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 12:04 PM, Fred Ridder <> wrote:

> Not to minimize your question, but...
> With the cost of computer storage running about $0.10 per gigabyte for
> hard disk or $0.50 per gigabyte for SSD, I'm not sure it's worthwhile
> worrying about 10 MB more or less. That's less than 1/2 cent's worth of
> storage space. Unless you know your documents are going to be posted on a
> website where a significant number of users do not have anything resembling
> broadband access, spending more than a few seconds worrying about 10 MB in
> file size does not yield a good return on investment.
> -Fred Ridder
> ------------------------------
> Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 11:26:35 -0500
> Subject: FM12: PDF file size exploding
> From:
> To:
> Has anyone had an issue with the size of a generated PDF increasing
> dramatically after moving a book from FM10 to FM12 (or any earlier version
> of FM to FM12)?
> I've got a book that's gone from under 3M to over 12M, and that's AFTER
> running the Save as Reduced Size.
> Is this a bug, have I not set something up in either FM12 or Acrobat 10
> correctly, or is there a solution?
> Thanks,
> --
> Lin Sims

Lin Sims

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