Create a new TOC from scratch. That will use the tags from the new
template (assuming it's designed correctly).

You should never edit generated entries in a TOC, any changes will be
lost the next time you update.

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 6:45 AM, Linda Garneau
<> wrote:
> I just successfully imported formatting from our new template TOC to the 
> current document TOC (shown below). In this particular file, the paragraph 
> tags for content headings (HeadVC1, HeadVC2, etc.) are labeled differently 
> from the tags for content headings in the template TOC (HeadTOC1, HeadTOC2, 
> etc). It will let me select one heading or a group of headings to update, but 
> it won’t let me do an Update All. It takes FOREVER to update every heading, 
> one by one, to the correct tag in the template. Is there a way I can apply 
> the tags from the new template to all the tags in the current doc at once?

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