This is pretty confusing because neither templates nor TOCs are
properly documented.

1. Make a backup of the project if you don't have one already.
2. Open the book and delete the TOC from the book. (Delete any other
generated files, such as IX.)
3. Delete the TOC file (and any other generated files) from disk.
4. Import the template to all files and update. Fix any errors and
clean up as necessary.
5. Add > Table of Contents ...

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 8:02 AM, Linda Garneau
<> wrote:
> Okay, so here’s what I did:
> 1.       Place copy of old template TOC file somewhere outside the folder 
> (just in case)
> 2.       Drop new template TOC file into directory with other files and 
> rename it to the previous file name used for the TOC in that book
> 3.       Confirm that chapter names and headings in chapter files align with 
> TOC headings in new template.
> 4.       Make sure there is no TOC file in the open Framemaker book (if so, 
> delete it)
> 5.       You should now see an “Add” feature in the menu bar.
> 6.       Click on “Add” and select Table of Contents.
> 7.       In the dialog box, move over the items you want to appear in the 
> TOC. Be sure to include the Index Title TOC. Click on “Add.”
> 8.       Another dialog box will appear to update the entire book. Click 
> “Update.”
> The disappointing result was I got a blank page, and all the other book files 
> appeared to be corrupted as well. L I closed the book without saving the 
> files. Ugggh, what did I do wrong??

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