If your template is set up correctly, creating a new TOC using Add >
Table of Contents is a lot easier way to bring your TOC into sync with
the new template and ensure you don't retain some old cruft that will
cause problems.

If your template is properly designed, the only things you'd want to
edit in a TOC file are the heading selection in the Set Up Table of
Contents dialog and the, if there is one, the heading at the top of
the file (if there is one, it should use the normal heading style not
the <heading>TOC style).

If the template was not properly designed (which is common), you might
need to fix it by editing the TOC layout on the TOC reference page
and/or tweaking the <heading>TOC tags. This is one of those crucial,
complex, multi-faceted tasks that is not well documented by Adobe.
This page might be helpful:


But if you do that stuff, note that you are EDITING THE TEMPLATE and
should talk with whoever provided it to fix the thing instead of just
making ad-hoc changes to a particular document.

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 11:12 AM, Linda Garneau
<linda.garn...@crossmatch.com> wrote:
> I like your idea about creating an empty TOC file and regenerating with the
> new heading style names. However, I’m not sure I understand how to rename
> the styles to make this happen. When I do a Find/Change, it lets me Find all
> items with the current Paragraph Tag, but it doesn’t let me Change it the
> new Paragraph Tag. A little more clarification (and perhaps a screenshot or
> two) would be very helpful.

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