Yes, I think I’m going to drop it too – with everything on the Frame list 
getting echoed on the Yahoo group, I’ll just stick to this one and the HATT 
group – no spam associated with that one I’ve found.

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Glad I've never bothered to investigate the Yahoo group. In my experience, 
Yahoo Groups basically died sometime in the mid-oughties, and like many ghost 
towns, squatters and coyotes abound.

If I can't find an answer on (Framers; this list and 
its archives) it's not worth finding.

Further, my need for FM support has diminished considerably, for a variety of 
reasons (non-proprietary file formats; better tools for editing those; need for 
tight CCMS integration; ludicrous pricing model for FM/TCS; tried-and-true 
non-structured FM techniques in all templates I use or create, etc.). I'm 
basically on the list for the laughs, occasional "thing that makes me go 
'hmmm'," and the very-rare help I offer on super-weird solutions (what I 
preferred to do in the past decade: kill the Goliaths of format/processing 

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Subject: Re: Adobe Customer Care-less - Yet another round
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Date: Tue, June 02, 2015 3:37 pm

Hmm, as some others of you who may have also decided to poke around, you
too may have noticed. Lot's of spam in that group and lots of NSFW
subject lines.

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