Hi Framers,

FM 7.0p578
Windows XP Professional
512 MB RAM

I hope somebody can help me open this file. When I try to open 
it, FM tells me I do not have enough memory. The file is a 
little under 2.7 MB, and there are larger FM files in the book that FM 
does open. I've tried closing everything and rebooting and then 
opening only that file, but I get the same message.

There are a lot of graphics in the file, and I suspect that is the 
problem. If I could just open the file to get the text back, I could 
work around the graphics (split the chap into two maybe). 

I've tried opening the file in Word, but it was garbage. I tried 
converting it using a trial version of Mif2Go, but it converted all 
the files in the book except the one I can't open. Also, I gave a copy 
to a co-worker who has 1 GB of RAM, and he couldn't open it either.

Please, can somebody help? I put a lot of hard work into this chapter!

Thanks in advance for your help.
Pearl Rosenberg
TeleHealth Services

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