Hi, Pearl:

It's more likely a corrupt file than a memory issue.

Have you tried the "open heroic" method? In FM, tap and rekease these 
keys in sequence:

lowercase o
uppercase H

Then select the file in the Open dialog box. If it opens 
successfully, save it immediately to a new name.

At 9:29 AM -0500 12/8/05, pearlrosenberg at nc.rr.com wrote:
>Hi Framers,
>FM 7.0p578
>Windows XP Professional
>512 MB RAM
>I hope somebody can help me open this file. When I try to open
>it, FM tells me I do not have enough memory. The file is a
>little under 2.7 MB, and there are larger FM files in the book that FM
>does open. I've tried closing everything and rebooting and then
>opening only that file, but I get the same message.



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