> I'd be interested to hear from those of you who 
> reference graphics about how hard it is (or isn't) 
> to keep track of the graphic files.

Not hard at all. First, I have a two or three letter prefix for each
book (HRP, Pub, DM, CPF, etc.). That prefix is included in the name
of every file and every graphic. All my files go in one one directory
and all my graphics go in a subdirectory off that file directory.

The vast majority of my screen shots are of web pages or parts of web
pages since I'm documenting a large HR portal. I name my graphics
with three elements; the project name, then the header title of the
screen, then the state of the screen. Use an underscore between
elements, never use spaces anywhere in the file name.

For instance, I have a project with the code HRP, then a GUI page
with the title "Login Pages", one showing a Login code window prior
to putting in the code and after the code is entered. Therefore, my
images have the following names:


This my not work well for you, it does for me.

Different projects may require that I vary the naming conventions,
but the methodology is usualy the same.

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

"Well, you have to know these things
 when you're king, you know." -
  --King Arthur of Camelot.

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