While on the subject of .backup files, it is important to note that 
these are not real backups.  All that happens is that whn you do 
a Save, FrameMaker renames the last manually saved version of 
the file with a second extension (.backup) rather than marking it 
as an unused file that the OS can reallocate. In other words, the 
"backup" file is always one save behind the real working file,
and the magnitude of the difference depends on how frequently
you remember to do manual saves. 

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
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If you're setup for backup saves...have you tried opening the

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Hi Framers,

FM 7.0p578
Windows XP Professional
512 MB RAM

I hope somebody can help me open this file. When I try to open it, FM
tells me I do not have enough memory. The file is a little under 2.7 MB,
and there are larger FM files in the book that FM does open. I've tried
closing everything and rebooting and then opening only that file, but I
get the same message.

There are a lot of graphics in the file, and I suspect that is the
problem. If I could just open the file to get the text back, I could
work around the graphics (split the chap into two maybe). 

I've tried opening the file in Word, but it was garbage. I tried
converting it using a trial version of Mif2Go, but it converted all the
files in the book except the one I can't open. Also, I gave a copy to a
co-worker who has 1 GB of RAM, and he couldn't open it either.

Please, can somebody help? I put a lot of hard work into this chapter!

Thanks in advance for your help.
Pearl Rosenberg
TeleHealth Services

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