Hi Wayne,

I am sorry to correct you, but I have been doing Windows (and Mac) 
FrameMaker automation for the last 8 years with FrameScript, including 
complex FrameMaker to PDF workflows.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

>> Is there a more automated way to create PDFs from 53 FrameMaker
>> books? Or is there a quicker way to set up this process from
>> FrameMaker? Are there any programs that could help automate these
>> processes? Do your companies hold any best practices that we could
>> benefit from?
> I know people are probably tired of hearing this, but... Yes this can be 
> done, but painlessly, but only on a Mac. Using AppleScript, it is possible 
> to automate this. I just checked FM 7's AppleScript dictionary and I was 
> surprised at how many things were scriptable. One of the things Apple has 
> never been good at doing is promoting AppleScript, but it is still one of 
> the best ways to automate many tasks because it can be used to automate 
> and move data between several products.
> So, if you have a Mac, you're in luck. If not, then I don't have a good 
> answer for you. FYI, scripting the PDF part would involve more of the 
> Finder operations than FrameMaker's.
> -Wayne

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