Wayne Brissette wrote: 

> My comment if you read it was that you can do it painlessly 
> with AppleScript. A scripting language that many people use 
> and write in. I also said "...if not, I don't have a good 
> answer for you." That wasn't to say there weren't options. 
> But with the exception of a few people on the FM lists, 
> FrameScript is not something you will find most people have 
> A) access to or B) knowledge of how to program. And that in 
> my opinion is what separates the Mac and Windows platform. I 

Jeez. Apple has a _tiny_percentage_ of the personal computer market, and
only a _miniscule_sliver_ of that small number of Mac owners are also FM

It seems rather a stretch, therefore, to claim that "many people" can
program FM with AppleScript, while dismissing FrameScript, FrameAC, and
other solutions; to insist that it can be done "painlessly... only on a
Mac"; and to crow that "if you have a Mac, you're in luck. If not, then
I don't have a good answer for you."   

Macs seem like really nice machines to me, but I've developed something
of a negative attitude toward them, and I blame all the arrogant, smugly
superior, "one true way" Mac-heads (who, more often than not, aren't
nearly as knowledgeable as they believe). 

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