>>>Is there a more automated way to create PDFs from 53 FrameMaker
>>>books? Or is there a quicker way to set up this process from
>>>FrameMaker? Are there any programs that could help automate these
>>>processes? Do your companies hold any best practices that we could
>>>benefit from?
>>I know people are probably tired of hearing this, but... Yes this can be 
>>done, but painlessly, but only on a Mac.

 Rick has already addressed this, but FrameScript on either platform can do it.

>> Using AppleScript, it is possible to automate this. I just checked FM 7's 
>> AppleScript dictionary and I was surprised at how many things were 
>> scriptable.

 Everything in the application's object model is scriptable. But it's not all 
rosy in the AppleScript and FrameMaker world. There are some bugs in the 
AppleScript implementation that are truly annoying. And with the arrival of 
FrameMaker 7 there was a tendency for the application to bail on perfectly good 
code and say that it encountered an error. It would run the code sometimes, 
then just give up on it another. This required a quit and restart of 
FrameMaker. Version 5.5.6 and version 6 were not subject to this inexplicable 
failing with AppleScripts. I'd go on with the list of AppleScript shortcomings, 
but Adobe isn't going to fix them, so it's a waste of electrons. Bugs and 
irritants notwithstanding, it's possible to do really amazing things with 
FrameMaker and AppleScript.

>>One of the things Apple has never been good at doing is promoting 
>>AppleScript, but it is still one of the best ways to automate many tasks 
>>because it can be used to automate and move data between several products.

 This is certainly AppleScript's great strength.

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