At 6:37 PM +0100 4/28/06, Steve Rickaby wrote:
>AppleScript is niche, FrameScript is niche.

 Writing AppleScript for FrameMaker is as "nichy" as it gets. I know maybe half 
a dozen people who use AppleScript with FrameMaker. I think all but one of them 
is on this list. And it's truly a pity that it is so niche. And it's a pity 
because the stuff you can do with it in terms of workflow are truly awesome. 
Just as an example, I wrote a manuscript cleaner once to clean up and apply a 
template to documents I was setting for the local government. It reduced a 6 
hour manual job (even if you knew all of the ways to speed up the cleanup with 
global changes, etc) into a double click. The script cleaned a 100 page 
manuscript in about 15 minutes. There were about 30 tests run on each paragraph 
(fixed the punctuation of latinisms, turned double hyphens to proper dashes, 
deleted empty paragraphs, turned manually numbered paragraphs into proper 
autonumbered lists, etc.), and in the end there was very little manual work to 
do cleaning up tables. It even applied the template to the raw text file. 
You've got to love something that does this. Took three hours to write the 
script, so it saved three hours the first time it was used.

  But AppleScript's interapplication communication is its big benefit. And 
whoever said that Apple doesn't do enough to promote it is right. I write 
scripts every day of life, and have saved myself thousands of hours of manual 
drudgery in the process. The UNIX shell and the ability of AppleScript to run 
shell scripts and process stdout has only magnified that power exponentially. 
Most Mac users I know are blissfully ignorant of both of these things 
(AppleScript and the UNIX shell). I can't imagine how they get anything done. 
I'd go crazy doing things manually that I see people doing on their Macs every 

 Okay. I'm going home to have a beer.

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