At 9:39 AM -0400 4/28/06, Loren R. Elks wrote:
>Our company currently has a documentation set of 53 FrameMaker books that we 
>PDF for easy access. We create PDFs using the TimeSavers utility to preserve 
>link integrity. To do this we first have to open each book separately. Then we 
>must run UPDATE BOOK on each FrameMaker book.  Each book must then be saved as 
>an individual PDF file.
>Is there a more automated way to create PDFs from 53 FrameMaker books? Or is 
>there a quicker way to set up this process from FrameMaker? Are there any 
>programs that could help automate these processes? Do your companies hold any 
>best practices that we could benefit from?

 You didn't say what platform you were on. If you were on a Mac then it's an 
easy thing to do with AppleScript. You can automate all sorts of FrameMaker 
tasks with AppleScript, including this.

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