Hi, guys...VMWare is a company owned by my company (EMC), so I
thought I'd pass this on.

VMWare is signing up beta testers for a version that will run on MAC
OS X that will permit the creation of a partition that will allow the
running of a Windows (or other) OS.


"...Mac even more with the ability to simultaneously run any PC
OS?Windows, Linux, NetWare and others?on Mac OS X. Switch between
operating systems by easily tabbing between applications and share
data between the two operating systems by dragging and dropping files
on the fly?all without needing to reboot. What's more, you can create
virtual machines and run them on other VMware products or run any
VMware virtual machine on your Mac."

See also: http://www.vmware.com/news/releases/mac.html

Just passing on something you might find of interest.

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

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