Jaya -

This is the first email I have received from you via the framers list.
There were some problems with the list last week, and it looks as if
your initial post/s did not go through.  Make sure your list settings
include receiving a copy of your own posts.  If you don't receive your
post back, the chances are that nobody else has received it yet either.

re: #4 on your list: if you are in Acro7 Pro, select 
        Comments > Enable for Commenting and Analysis in Reader
Commenting in Reader is available only on files created using Acrobat 7.
If you are in another version of Acrobat (Acro5/6), there is nothing
special you need to do to the file, but the reviewer will need the
Professional version to be able to comment on the PDF.  They may just
need the Standard version -- I don't remember for sure, and have no way
of checking.

I will leave the other questions below for other Framers to respond to.

cmartinek | zebra | com 

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Can someone respond to my queries?



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Subject: Quieries related to Frame maker

Greetings from India.

I have few FM queries related to automating some of the documentation

1.       Is there any option available to generate pdf s using a script
on a
Unix machine without opening the Framemaker?

2.       During conversion I would like the script to check for other
as well like missing hyperlinks, cross-references etc. My query is what
other items should be included in the checklist to ensure the document

3.       What are the options of resizing a large image without
on the quality? The scaling option messes up the resolution.

4.       How does one enable the add comments option in the PDF?

Your responses will help me create quality document.


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