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> 1.       Is there any option available to generate pdf s using a script on a
> Unix machine without opening the Framemaker?

fmbatch and fmprint are the utilities that ship with FM that would do this.
FMbatch would have to save as a .pdf; fmprint would print to a logical
printer instance of Acrobat Distiller. Details are in the manual and
on the Adobe support site.

> 2.       During conversion I would like the script to check for other tasks
> as well like missing hyperlinks, cross-references etc. My query is what
> other items should be included in the checklist to ensure the document
> quality?
The short answer is that unless you fix problems before you run the
scripts, they'll
fail. So you basically need to make sure the books are solid ahead of time.

> 3.       What are the options of resizing a large image without compromising
> on the quality? The scaling option messes up the resolution.

More details, please.

> 4.       How does one enable the add comments option in the PDF?

In Acrobat 7, not FM, use the Enable Comment tool for people to use
Reader to add comments. In Acrobat 6, you can comment if you have the
full version of Acrobat, but cannot use Reader.
Again, details are in the Acrobat manual and on the support site.

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