Hello Framers,

First of all let me thank all of you out there for responding to my queries.
Thanks a ton. Art, as asked by you am providing further details to my query
as under.

> 3.       What are the options of resizing a large image without

> on the quality? The scaling option messes up the resolution.

More details, please.

1.       Our manuals include many screen shots which are too large to fit
the document.  

2.       So we were applying a graphic tag to all the images. After
converting to HTML and PDF the images seemed fine, that is resized to a
smaller image without compromising much on the quality. But of late the tag
seems to be corrupted. On applying the tag the images look distorted and the
background changes from gray to white.  Until now we had to buy hours from
Quadralay to fix the issues. The hours have exhausted so was wondering that
before we approach the Quadraly people if I could get some help from the
list and resolve the graphic issue ourselves.

3.       I was in favor of using Photoshop to resolve this issue but others
in the team are not keen due to the effort required - learning curve and
manually resize.

Hope this helps to respond to my query.


Jaya Ghosh

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