There is no way to preserve the structure of a generated list, but given
the length and usual simplicity of formatting it is easy to rebuild the
structure whenever needed.

If you have control over the EDD, you can modify the content of the
"List of Figures" element so that individual entries can contain text
and also a "figure number" element to wrap the actual figure number.
This element would then specify the desire format properties or a format
change list to control the appearance as desired.  If you include
hypertext links in the LOF, you probably should include a marker-type
element in the organization as well, although that is not strictly

Something like this:

Valid as the highest-level element.
General Rule: (LOF_Entry)+

General Rule: (<TEXT>, Fig_Num)

General Rule: <TEXT>
Text Format Rules:
        1.  Text Range
        Use character format: Figure_Number

You will have to add some info to the conversion table, but it is very
straight-forward to wrap the Figure_Number character format into the
Fig_Num element, the FigueLOF paragraph(s) AND the Fig_Num into the
LOF_Entry element, and the series of LOF_Entry elements into the LOF.

On Tuesday, January 10, 2006 02:02 PM, Steve Rickaby wrote:

| Me again... Sarah O'Keefe sort of implies in the 'Complete 
| Reference' that you can apply structure to generated lists, 
| but as it gets blown away the next time the list is 
| generated, it's best either not to bother, or do it last.
| Here's the rub: one generated list document in my current 
| template, a list of figures, uses a character tag to format 
| the figure number ('cos it looks nice). My EDD is set up so 
| that the individual lines of the generated list can be 
| wrapped in appropriate elements if required. However, if I do 
| this, I lose the character mark-up.
| Is this a dead-end, or is there any way to preserve the 
| character markup?  
| --
| Steve

Hope this helps.

- Lester 
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