> And to get back to my point from yesterday, if you 
> click on any of these links, the email is shown as 
> "<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> " so that spammers can't get the 
> address...

I'm not concerned about spammers. I'm concerned about a solution or
process being proposed internally with me being attributed as part of
the solution, to find out that the solution was not exactly right for
that problem. I check and recheck my internal documentation to make
sure it is as accurate as I can make it and I stand behind it if
something goes wrong. Becoming part of a solution for a problems I
know nothing about and not being able to participate in making sure
it is accurate is something I'd like to avoid. 

Remember...the purpose of his using the posts was for internal
support documentation. Do you want your solutions to be the fixes to
problems that you know nothing about? Trust me...chances are you can
be contacted with blocked email addresses and all.

Give you an example. I "think" I know where Jakob Fix is from, gmail
address not withstanding. Almost anyone can be located with a name,
some text strings from a post, and the will to find out. 

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

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