Loren, all

There is a book called Localization and Framemaker that explains the basics
of localization, tells you how to find, screen, and hire the RIGHT vendor
for the work you are doing, what you need to provide to the vendor to get a
good estimate for your job, how to work with the vendor, and explains what
the vendor can actually do for you.  It explains the localization process
(what the vendor does with your files) and  contains a table of prices that
you can use to get a fairly good idea of how much you can expect to pay for
their services.  The book is a 24-page pdf file that you can download free

Note that ALL localization vendors can take a set of FM files and give you
the same set of FM files back, translated into as many target languages as
you desire.

Incidentally, Trados is a company based here in the Silicon Valley, not an
application.  Trados makes a set of software tools, including the S-tagger
and the Translators Workbench, that is the industry standard toolset today.
But it is not the only set of tools on the market and some vendors use other
tools instead, including home-grown ones.  Some of these tools are
compatible with each other and some are not.  When you talk to the vindor,
find out which toolset they use and ask about compatibility with the Trados
toolset, and particularly about the TM.  TM = translation memory - a
database that stores translated words, phrases, and paragraphs.  Using the
TM is optional, and little more expensive if they use it to start with, but
can save you a lot of $ when upgrading your docs, online help, software,
etc.  They just pull the already translated text out of the TM and add the
changes.  BTW, the data in the TM is something that you own, not the vendor,
and they should give it to you when the job is finished.  That way, if you
change vendors, you can continue from where you left off and not pay to have
the whole doc translated again.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Steve,

I've been reading this thread with interest as our documentation (FM)
is going to be translated into German and Japonese starting in
January 2007. The people at the other end are distributors who are
going to have to put together an efficient workflow. You mention in
your comment being able to provide details...I am very interested...


At 10:45 AM 6/6/2006, Steve Wiseman wrote:
>We use translators that can take the FM files and return them as FM files
>including any marker and conditional text in the document. If you want
>details, please let me know. We have been happy with the results. I
>recommend them as they use translators in the destination country rather
>than locals from here.
>For your information, they use an application called Trados that imports
>Best regards,
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>We are beginning to have to get our manuals and documentation translated.
>What's the best way to set up this workflow.
>For example, do we develop in FM, then output to another format (say
>RTF,etc), the translators use this format, we get it back, then convert
>with FM?
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Stephen O'Brien
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