I had the same problem with multiple conditions and finally realized that 
you can't apply a condition at the chapter (file) level. I ended up using 
Structured FrameMaker with the Sourcerer plug-in. I used attributes at the 
top level (file or section) to condition entire files. This works very 
well, but of course, you have to use Structured FrameMaker. 
I never found a way around that problem  and was reluctant to maintain 
different versions of the book file. However, if you make your conditional 
content part of the previous chapter, you should be able to hide it when 
it's printing or conversion time, with page numbering intact.

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RE: Hiding Pages?

Schoen, Brady wrote: 

> Is it at all possible to tag an entire page?
> What I have is a "Parts Drawing" on the left, and the "Parts 
> Listing" on the right for each brand. The entire page is 
> specific to each brand, not just a word or the drawing, the 
> entire page. What I did was put all 8 decal pages
> (1 Drawing page and 1 parts listing page for each brand x 4 
> brands)consecutively in the book. I then highlighted 
> everything on the pages and tagged everything I wanted shown 
> for each brand as a different tag. What happens is when I 
> hide 3 tags and show the 1 I want in the book, it leaves a 
> blank page for all the other brands decal pages that are now 
> hidden. If I delete the extra pages, I can't get it to show 
> the other three tagged items again. Any ideas?

The way you describe this, it almost sounds like your drawings and parts
lists aren't part of a text flow, but inserted directly onto pages. Is
that what you're doing? Or is everything in the main text flow, but
you're using custom master pages? 

In any case, the simplest solution is probably to forget about
conditions and set up multiple books instead, one for each brand. You
can do this very quickly using File > Save Book As. All four books would
be identical except for the 2-page chapter with the parts list and
drawing -- there'd be four of those. (I'm assuming the same generated
TOC, LOF, etc., will work in all 4 books, which should be true if all 4
brand-specific files have the same heading(s), e.g., "Parts List," not
"Acme Parts List.") 

You originally said: 

> decal placement. What I would like to do is to make one Book 
> file for this equipment (so I don't have 4 different books to 
> update everytime a change is made), and just change out the 

But there's no need for 4 updates. If the books are identical except for
one file, and that file is always 2 pages in each book, then pagination
will always be the same in all 4, and updating one book updates them


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