I wanted to clarify the information on some of the pre-recorded webinars
available from (ENLASO.) We have conducted a number of
free webinars, several of which have centered on translating/localizing
regular and structured FrameMaker documents. 

You can request any of the webinar recordings listed below (which are
related to FrameMaker or general production) by sending an e-mail to
chris at which included the title of the webinar.  You can
also register on for our periodic newsletter.

We have an upcoming Webinar you may register for: June 29 @ 11:00 AM PDT
A growing market: Non-English speakers in the US
At (you may have to edit broken line endings if cutting/pasting this
URL) :

Structured FrameMaker with Doug Pearson:
Description: This Webinar features expert localization engineer Doug
Pearson in an intensive one-hour webinar that explores how structured
FrameMaker7 files streamline multilingual publishing and product
localization processes - improving overall project quality, cost, and
XML and Localization with Yves Savourel:
Description: In an intensive one-hour webinar using dynamic examples and
demonstrations, Yves Savourel explores the benefits and advantages of
XML in localization, even when the localizable data is not in an XML
format. The session also explores the translation of XML documents and
how to overcome some of the challenges XML-enabled tools still offer.
Successful Documentation Localization with Max Hoffmann:
Description: The intensive one-hour Webinar explores fundamental
documentation localization management concepts that improve processes,
costs, and performance associated with multilingual global projects.
Using dynamic examples and demonstrations, Hoffmann will provide fresh
insights and solutions for successful documentation
internationalization, localization, and translation-highlighting
single-source strategies.
Effective Localization Project Handoff Management with Yusuke Kirimoto:
Description: In Olympic relay racing, the difference between first and
second place in the sprint relays is usually measured in tenths or
hundredths of a second. Therefore, precise execution of the "handoff" is
paramount to success. Project handoffs in localization carry the same
consequences as global companies sprint to maintain global market
leadership. Localization projects require the coordination of myriad
combinations of professionals and technologies facing complex
linguistic, cultural, content, and technical challenges.
Successful Documentation Localization Management - Part II with Max
Description: Successful Documentation Localization Management - Part II
features again documentation expert Max Hoffmann. This intensive
one-hour Webinar covers critical concepts essential to successful
localization of documentation. Hoffman will also talk about checklists
and recommendations that lead to improved processes, reduced costs, and
successful delivery of multilingual global projects. Using dynamic
examples and demonstrations, Hoffmann will provide further insights and
solutions for successful documentation internationalization,
localization, and translation. The Webinar will also cover single-source
publishing solutions.
Localization 101 - Where Do You Start And How Do You Go About It? with
Yves Lang :
Description: Localization 101, is designed for "newer" professionals who
are responsible for the planning and execution of multilingual product
development. The intensive one-hour Webinar presentation will explore
fundamental localization management concepts that improve enterprise
processes, costs, and performance.
Maxwell Hoffmann
Manager of Applications Engineering
ENLASO Corporation 
T: 805 494 9571 * F: 805 435 1920 
E: mhoffmann at
ENLASO Corporation provides quality enterprise language solutions and
exceeds client expectations through continuing research, development,
and implementation of effective localization processes and technologies.

Visit: for more information or to subscribe to our
complimentary localization newsletter.

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Another place to bone up quickly: There's a company called Enlaso that
translations. They recently did a Webcast called Translation 101 in
they went over all the basics. I think they have that Webcast stored on 
their website. I found it tremendously helpful just in getting a broad 
overview of things to think about, what to look out for, what's
etc etc etc.


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> >For example, do we develop in FM, then output to another format (say
> >RTF,etc), the translators use this format, we get it back, then
> >with FM?
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