At 11:16 -0700 18/5/06, Daniel Emory wrote:

>Nevertheless, this issue about numbering of titled headings, tables and 
>graphics seems to come up frequently. It's a valid issue, and it deserves more 
>discussion on the list.

Surely the answer here is 'horses for courses'? There are many areas where 
numbering is either appropriate or essential (engineering manuals,legal 
documents, political documents, medical documents, repair manuals, ya-de-yah), 
and others where it is not. Legal is one special case: due to its density, 
every *paragraph* is often numbered.

The problem comes in the gray areas, such as software user guides, where there 
is the option to use numbering or not to use numbering. Fwiw, my default 
preference is to cross-reference by section/subsection title and page where 
required (because, imho, section headings look better without numbers and page 
cross-references are the most user-friendly), but to number tables and figures. 
This default is easily (and often) overridden by client preferences.

And just a vaguely relevant note on the intuitive software thread: having 
taught myself FrameMaker in the early 1990s, I started a contract where a large 
writing team were required to use Interleaf, none of whom had ever seen it 
before. Two weeks had been set aside for training and familiarization, but I 
and others like me who had already worked with a powerful DTP tool such as 
FrameMaker picked up 90% of Interleaf from scratch in a day or so. And 
Interleaf is (or was) substantially more arcane than FrameMaker.

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