A word of advice. Before you go loading up on el'cheapo
$9.95 PDF creation software, make sure that what it generates
is really kosher. We quite often see problems when these
PDF files "escape" the environment in which they were created
and attempts are made to either combine them with other PDF
files in Acrobat or to place them in FrameMaker, InDesign,
or elsewhere. Problems often manifest themselves as funky font
definitions with improper names and encodings that cause
chaos when attempts are made to repurpose those PDF files.
Just because those other employees are not publishing vast
tomes doesn't mean that they should have shoddy tools.

        - Dov

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> Ron Teplitz wrote:
> > Every copy of Frame I've seen for a long time included Acrobat 
> > Distiller, going back to at least FM 6.0. Distiller does 
> all of what 
> > many folks need in the way of PDF generation. What version 
> of Frame do 
> > you have? Have you checked to see if your distribution 
> included Distiller?
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Ron
> Oh, I should have been clearer. I definitely use Acrobat Pro 
> 7 for my PDF creation! With output from FrameMaker and all 
> other programs too. :)
> My questions related to the fact that we need to get PDF 
> creation ability for *all* the employees in our company, and 
> the price of Acrobat Pro (or Standard, too) would be very 
> prohibitive. These folks mostly do not use FrameMaker ... 
> most are simply using Word and Excel for their daily stuff.
> Right now, I am leaning towards either Acrobat Elements or 
> PDF995 as the "preferred" solution for this new policy ... 
> those seem to have garnered the most "votes" too, but I do 
> plan on quickly looking at some of the open-source freebie 
> stuff as well.
> What I have tried and did NOT like: PDF-Xchange. This came as 
> a freebie demo with some app that I got, and it simply 
> crashes too often on my system. Not good enough.
> Another one that was still a tad bit too expensive (as an 
> Enterprise total cost) was PDF Convertor 3 from Nuance. I 
> liked it (I use my copy of the PDF to Word convertor on 
> occasion), but the total cost is a bit high.
> This is why PDF995 is leading the pack right now ...
> Thanks!
> Z

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