Good grief - that google search for "Documents and Settings\ filetype:pdf" has 
14 million hits!! Is there anything you can do to stop Word doing that when you 
print direct to Distiller?

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> Shlomo Perets <shlomo2 at> 05/28/06 10:56 PM >>>
Dov Isaacs wrote:

>... By the way, when dealing with Wurd documents, even with
>PDF, be very careful that the "properties" don't migrate
>to the PDF file. When you use the PDFMaker facility of
>Acrobat some of that information in the Wurd document
>does make its way into the "Description" part of
>"Document Properties"  !!!!!

An Adobe Technical Note I saw a while ago had a similar recommendation (= 
turn off "Convert Document Information" in PDFMaker).

I disagree with this recommendation;  more in this month's Hmmm...,
("Why bother learning how to use a feature, if you can simply disable it?")

Shlomo Perets

Training, consulting & add-ons: FrameMaker, Structured FM and Acrobat


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