That hit count is deceptive because of the way the search was 
specified. The search returns all pages that include the word 
"Document" or the word "Settings", not just the ones that have
inappropriate metadata strings. 

Use the search specification
    "Documents and Settings" +pdf  
for a more relevant search result. (A quick visual scan of a 
hundred or so result listings showed that all of them included 
a pathname that included the user's login name, which was not
the case with the broader search.) But even this narrower search 
returns more than 2 million hits, including more than 200,000
documents that deal with some aspect of computer security!

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Good grief - that google search for "Documents and Settings\
filetype:pdf" has 14 million hits!! Is there anything you can do to stop
Word doing that when you print direct to Distiller?

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> Shlomo Perets <shlomo2 at> 05/28/06 10:56 PM >>>
Dov Isaacs wrote:

>... By the way, when dealing with Wurd documents, even with
>PDF, be very careful that the "properties" don't migrate
>to the PDF file. When you use the PDFMaker facility of
>Acrobat some of that information in the Wurd document
>does make its way into the "Description" part of
>"Document Properties"  !!!!!

An Adobe Technical Note I saw a while ago had a similar recommendation
turn off "Convert Document Information" in PDFMaker).

I disagree with this recommendation;  more in this month's Hmmm...,
("Why bother learning how to use a feature, if you can simply disable

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