Hi, Dov.

Dov Isaacs wrote:
> Hint, hint ... I am just a dumb engineer here at Adobe.
> I don't set the prices or have any influence over those
> issues.

Oops, I was not aiming that at you per se! Sorry about that.

> By the way, when dealing with Wurd documents, even with
> PDF, be very careful that the "properties" don't migrate
> to the PDF file. When you use the PDFMaker facility of
> Acrobat some of that information in the Wurd document
> does make its way into the "Description" part of 
> "Document Properties"  !!!!!

Ouch. I did not know this happened. I will check my stuff
very carefully then and set it up properly. Is there a way
to disable this "permanently", like a setting, in Acrobat so
that it does not occur as a matter of course?


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>> Hi, Dov.
>> Dov Isaacs wrote:
>>> A word of advice. Before you go loading up on el'cheapo
>>> $9.95 PDF creation software, make sure that what it generates
>>> is really kosher. We quite often see problems when these
>>> PDF files "escape" the environment in which they were created
>>> and attempts are made to either combine them with other PDF
>>> files in Acrobat or to place them in FrameMaker, InDesign,
>>> or elsewhere. Problems often manifest themselves as funky font
>>> definitions with improper names and encodings that cause
>>> chaos when attempts are made to repurpose those PDF files.
>>> Just because those other employees are not publishing vast
>>> tomes doesn't mean that they should have shoddy tools.
>> Good points, yes!
>> We have some people who create "print-quality" documents for which
>> we need to be sure that the PDF's are very high quality. For these
>> folks, we have Acrobat Pro installed on their systems - the "right"
>> way to go for sure!
>> It is the rest of the folks, who send out docs and files outside
>> our company for reading or review and other purposes, that we want
>> to have in PDF format. The purpose is to avoid having "original"
>> documents out there. The policy was created because we got burned
>> by "properties" information in a Word doc recently - an older doc
>> was used to create a new one and ... oops!
>> None of the PDF's from these other employees is likely to be used
>> in situations where they might cause problems like you mention.
>> So, I am fairly confident (but keeping my fingers crossed till I
>> test some more) that we should be okay with something like PDF995.
>> But, I will definitely try things out in detail before proceeding ...
>> Of course, if Adobe Elements were a LOT lower in price for multiple
>> copies, or the server version of Acrobat was not so crazily over-
>> priced for our simple needs (less than 50 employees total!), we
>> would not be looking at cheaper alternatives. Hint, hint! :)
>> Thanks for the input regardless! It is appreciated.

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