Does anybody out there, including the "dumb engineer," have any advice 
on how to get FrameMaker 7.2 to have the same three levels of bullets 
that "Wurd" produces natively?

We do our FrameMaker on WindowsXP and produce PDFs so far, though we may 
well get into WebWorks and online help after a while.

Solid black circles above the text baseline for the outermost level are 
the FrameMaker norm.

Those second-level hollow bullets (black perimeter, white interior, 
above the text baseline) are not in the fonts we use, nor the character 
tables in the FrameMaker documentation, nor in Wingdings, nor WebDings.

The third-level would be en-dashes or hyphens.

But without access to the hollow bullet, I'm stuck with only two levels: 
the solid dots and the en-dash or hyphen.

Do we need to buy a font?  (Could I just buy a vowel?)

--Guy K. Haas
   Software Exegete in Silicon Valley

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