A client's template currently has Cautions formatted as a three-cell table: The 
Caution icon (in a reference) frame is in the first cell, the word "Caution" 
the Autonumbering field of the CautionHead) is in the second, and the writer 
types text in the third.

They want to change to a two-cell table with the icon in the first cell and the 
word "Caution" as a run-in head in the second cell along with the text.

Here's the strange behavior: When you change the CautionHead paragraph to a 
run-in head and straddle the two cells, the run-in head disappears. I'm 
this is because technically that paragraph is empty, having no manually entered 
text, just the word "Caution" from the autonumbering field.

I realize there are other ways to achieve the same look but if the run-in head 
wasn't destroyed by straddling the cells, it would be simpler to convert 
existing Cautions to the new format. Any ideas on how I can get this to work?


Pat Christenson

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