Thanks for responding. I really don't know how to view the "fsType" field in 
OS/2 table of the TrueType font. I used MS free font utility to check that it 
is embeddable. Does that tell you anything? (...other than showing my obvious 
ignorance about fonts...)

  We did reconfigure the AdobePDF PostScript printer driver instance such that 
the option to "not embed fonts in the PostScript" is NOT checked, in either 
possible spots that you mentioned, but that still didn't solve the problem. 

  Just to be sure, I reinstalled the font in question to make sure that the 
"Copy fonts to Fonts folder" option was selected when installed. When I view 
via Windows Explorer the C:\WINDOWS\Fonts directory, BULLETS3.TTF does show in 
the directory. Distiller's Font Locations window does show that directory. And 
Distiller's Adobe PDF Settings, Font tab does have the option selected to Embed 
all fonts.

  And yet the problem persists. The Bullets3 font still isn't in Embedding 
area's Font Source combo box, and it's still not getting embedded. I'm 
completely befuddled. 

  Would it be possible for me to email you the font offlist?


Dov Isaacs <isaacs at> wrote:  Rene,

Unfortunately, without seeing the font file itself, it
would be very difficult to know how or why this problem
is occurring.

I will assume that this "Bullets3" font is in fact technically
(if not legally) embeddable (that the "fsType" field in the 
OS/2 table of the TrueType font is set for either "no 
embedding restrictions", "edittable embedding", or "preview 
and print embedding).

In terms of whether Distiller "sees" the font, the issue may
be as to where you let Windows install the font. If the font
was NOT copied to C:\WINDOWS\FONTS during installation (i.e.,
you used the "don't copy font" option of the Windows font
installer), you may need to go into Distiller and manually
add the path of the directory containing the "Bullets3"
font. A temporary workaround might be to reconfigure the
AdobePDF PostScript printer driver instance such that 
the option to "not embed fonts in the PostScript" is NOT
checked. To do this, go to the AdobePDF Properties and
in the General tab, click on Printing Preferences and
go to the Adobe PDF Settings tab. There, disable the
option for NOT putting fonts in the print stream. You
would also need to repeat this in the Properties
Advanced tab, clicking on Printing Defaults and similarly
fixing that setting under its Adobe PDF Settings tab.

- Dov

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> From: Rene S.
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> Subject: FM to Distiller font problems
> Hi All,
> I have a font (Bullets3.ttf) that is *not* restricted for 
> embedding and that is licensed to us that won't embed. We're 
> using FM 7.2 on Win XP (SP2) w/ Acrobat 7.0.8. The Bullets3 
> font doesn't even show in the list of fonts to embed in any 
> Distiller dialog boxes on any of the PCs, even though all of 
> them installed the font via Windows Control Panel > Fonts, 
> File>Add new font.
> This is creating problems with the way our safety notices 
> display, showing a-tilde (which I think is the extended ASCII 
> character in the standard set) rather than the desired 
> graphic from the Bullets3 font.
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Rene

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