At 07:35 -0700 10/10/06, Sam Beard wrote:

>  Thanks for the input. Yes, I was mistakenly thinking that the issue
>was with the OS itself.

No sweat - easy mistake to make.

> I knew that the last round, I believe, of G4s as well as the G5s didn't 
> support dual-booting. They still ran Classic, I believe, but not straight OS 
> 9.


> I also knew that Apple wasn't porting anything OS 9/Classic-related over to 
> the new Intel-based Macs.

Also correct (dammit) :-(

> I wasn't aware that, as it appears people are saying from this thread, that 
> Adobe hasn't ported over Frame to run in OS X. Is that the case?

Correct. There was a campaign, thanks to Paul Findon, but it got us nowhere: I even wore the T-shirt to trade shows. (There was just 
the one T-shirt, but we shared it.)

A lot of Mac FrameMaker users became very, very angry.

> Anyone heard anything about when Adobe might be releasing an OS X version, if 
> that is the case?


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