On 10 Oct 2006, at 07:00, fAnn Zdunczyk wrote:

> I have a G5 running Panther that I purchased several years ago. A  
> purchased
> an upgrade for one of my applications and it requires OS 10.4  
> (Tiger) to
> run. I was told by the Apple rep that Tiger would run my OS 9  
> applications
> on this machine just fine. Since I do not have the New Mac  
> technology, which
> I understand will not run OS 9 appications, I should be OK.
> So I am asking the people on this list that work on Macs if there  
> are any
> problems that they have running into running OS 9 applications with  
> Tiger. I
> know you all will tell me the UNVARNISHED truth rather than a rep  
> trying to
> sell me the software.
> So please let me know of any problems that you have run into with  
> Tiger.

There are a few additional issues to be aware of when running Mac  
FrameMaker with Tiger, but, for the most part, it works well.

I have a page detailing issues at:

For more "UNVARNISHED truth" and support, I suggest that you join the  
FrameMaker for Mac OS X mailing list at:

FWIW, I'm running Mac FrameMaker 6.0 on a Power Mac G5 Quad with Mac  
OS 10.4.8 (Tiger). It works well, is fast, and stable.


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