We have the same problem with 2 similar BlockLine paragraph tags that use 2 pt 
font w/ 6 pt space above and paragraph below pointing to a line on the 
reference page. Both are aligned across all columns and sideheads. Incientally, 
it doesn't happen with our Spacer paragraph tag, which is also 2 pt. with no 
space above or below but doesn't include a paragraph below setting and is 
in-column formatted. So, I don't know if it's due to sidehead involvement or 
the reference page use.

I have found that every time I change show/hide conditions where this paragraph 
format is adjacent to text that gets hidden or shown in the operation, it 
reverts to the "default" settings for font size and space above, and the only 
way to fix it is to reimport paragraph formats. 

This happens in all of our documents, regardless of which condition tags are 
used or shown or hidden, so it seems to be dependent upon the point sizes

I've tweaked the formats and round-tripped everything through MIF to no avail, 
even ran several plugins to clean out and remap the paragraph formats. I have 
just come to consider it as a bug and work around it (just as I limit my path 
length and dept to work around that particular bug). Therefore, as part of my 
production sequence, before I run Silicon Prairie's Paragraph Tools > Remove 
Overrides. It's another manual step, but it only takes a couple of seconds.  
Doing so is only problematic if the writer has been using manual format 
overrides, which at this shop is taboo anyway.

If there's a better solution, I'd love to know about it!

Rene Stephenson

Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> wrote: At 08:42 +0200 
11/4/07, Reng, Winfried Dr. wrote:

>I have a similar problem. I have an infoicon paragraph in the sidehead area 
>with a Frame below which holds the info icon. The paragraph font size is 2 pt, 
>the space above is 22 pt. Now and then the font size and the space above 
>change to "normal" values (font size 10 pt and space above 110 pt). As a 
>consequence the info icon moves down by 6 cm. I didn't pay much attention to 
>this problem yet. I have the feeling that this happens when I hide/show 
>Eventually your problem is also caused by a very small font size which changes 
>now and then. What exactly changes when your rule moves down? Maybe you should 
>convert to MIF and compare all properties of this paragraph with the correct 

Good question. Sadly in the single most recent instance I corrected it by 
reapplying the paragraph tag as soon as I'd checked that -L didn't do so. Next 
time it happens, I'll run forensics on the para tags involved to see if 
anything's changed, and if so, what. Thanks for the tip.

If font sizes are changing at random in para tags, though, why don't we notice 
such an apparently gross problem elsewhere? If this is happening, maybe its's 
something specifically to do with para tags in association with reference 

(You are perhaps a native German speaker, Winfried? Your use of 'eventually' 
suggests it, matching the German word 'Eventuell'.)


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