Bummer. So much for that idea. I guess I'll just keep running Paragraph Tools 
as part of the conversion process.

  We're moving toward automating the PDF creation process from our FM  files, 
though, and I don't know if we'll be able to get it fully  automated if we're 
having to run a plugin between importing from the  settings file to switch 
conditions and variable definitions, and then  generating the PDF.  So, it 
would be better if we could just get  the paragraph formats behaving properly 
despite changing conditions  along the way for the various flavors of output.  
Right now it  takes 8-12 hours for a team of 4 to generate our 7 documents, and 
this  Frame Above / Frame Below problem with the paragraph formats is one of  
the main hindrances to automation.


Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> wrote:  At 12:16 -0700 
11/4/07, Rene Stephenson wrote:

>I  can't trigger it without changing the show/hide conditions. I wonder if  it 
>could be something triggered by show/hide conditions causing the  para formats 
>to reapply the ref pages or something... 

Just did a show/hide switch a few times with one of my problem docs, but the 
problem didn't trigger.


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