Steve Rickaby <srickaby at> wrote:>I guess by the 'same 
problem', you're referring to Winifried's, not mine.
Yes, sorry. 

>I'm not using sideheads here, so I'd guess that if it's a bug, it's related to 
>the reference page graphic.

OK, in light of this and Peter's comment about earlier in this thread larger 
point sizes being affected, I think you're right. Actually, I must correct 
myself: the graphic on the reference page is included in the BlockLine para 
format via Frame Above Pgf, not below; so, that would lead me to believe it 
doesn't matter whether it's a Frame Above Pgf or Frame Below Pgf, as much as it 
is just the fact that it involves the Reference page.
>Show/hide as in conditional text? 


>Well, I'm not using conditional text anywhere near this problem para, but as I 
>said before, I've not yet managed to trap what actually does trigger it.
I just did a test and found it happening when condition-tagged text is not 
adjacent to the BlockLine para tag, too. But, I can't trigger it without 
changing the show/hide conditions. I wonder if it could be something triggered 
by show/hide conditions causing the para formats to reapply the ref pages or 
>What do you mean by the 'default' setting for font sizes and spacing? 
By "default" settings, I was just echoing Winfried. Although when I select one 
of the errant BlockLine paragraphs and view it in Paragraph Designer, 
everything appears correct without overrides, it shows as *BlockLine in the 
Formatting bar, and when I check Format > Size, it shows 11 pt (which is the 
size it appears to be) checked rather than 2 pt.


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