Hi, Dov.

Dov Isaacs wrote:
> If you in fact go over the two activation limit due to
> equipment failure, call the phone number that appears on
> your screen to talk with the Adobe Activation Center.
> They are very understanding about such situations and
> unless you abuse the privilege (such as having a hardware
> failure every week), they will add an activation to your
> copy via the activation server.

Good enough! I figured as much ... :) So, I did not worry
about it ... the laptop failure happened over 9 or 10 months
ago, and my new laptop has been fine. I did not even bother
to call Adobe about it when I got that message.

Thanks for the reassurance though!

> Most of the big complainers were
> in fact users who previously tried to install one copy
> of a program on a whole fleet of computers.

It never fails me to amaze me that people think that what
they are doing is legal (and not a violation of the license
terms that they agreed to) and also dumb enough to think
that they would not be caught.

Sad ...


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>> Hi, Dov, et. al.
>> Dov Isaacs wrote:
>>> The activation mechanism supports two activations such
>>> that you can use the software per the EULA. Note that if
>>> you need to move from a system to another (i.e., a third
>>> system), there is a function to DE-activate on a system
>>> which adds one back to your available activation count.
>>> That system does work pretty well.
>> I believe that Acrobat 8 has something similar. I discovered
>> that by accident ... my laptop died and I could not have gone
>> through the process of DE-activation. When I loaded it onto a
>> new replacement system, I got a screen message that it was being
>> activated a second time (or some such info, as I recall badly
>> now).
>> Since this license is only one machine anyway (I bought a second
>> copy of Acrobat 8 for my home system), I did not worry about it
>> at the time. I hope that this issue does not get in my way if
>> this laptop (or OS load) croaks and I have to reload the OS in
>> any way.

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