FM8 looks like a codebase update to me. They've built in the
infrastructure they need for most new features that require interaction
with deeper layers of the underlying code, and made the application
competitive so it can be on par with the rest of their coming office
tools suite. The future is where the more cosmetic changes belong, as
well as bigger ones that build on the infrastructure enhancements we've
seen already.

--- "Ridder, Fred" <fred.ridder at> wrote:

> And IMO FM8.0 includes several pretty major new features and
> capabilities, although from your perspective it may be easy to 
> dismiss them as "it's about time" features or things that don't 
> matter to you. In addition to Unicode support, both revision tracking
> and the improvements to conditional text (Boolean expressions 
> for show/hide settings and better indications for overlapping 
> conditions) are big features that would have involved a lot of 
> development and testing effort. Yes, many of us have been 
> asking for these features for years, but seeing Adobe investing 
> resources to actually implement them in an application that 
> all the tea-leaf readers were proclaiming as a dead product 
> 3 or 4 years ago is very heartening.
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